Santorini sights – Greece

Greek island Santorini is one of a kind, volcanic in origin, breathtakingly gorgeous, and passionate. With its small, cosy alleys, numerous whitewashed homes with blue windows and doors, and the azure colour of the sea, it draws travellers. Visitors to Crete or mainland Greece frequently arrange day trips to Santorini, but in order to fully experience this extraordinary location, you should stay for at least a week.

Historic attractions

History enthusiasts never run out of things to visit because Santorini is said to be a piece of the gorgeous drowned island of Atlantis, as seen by the various ancient monuments.

Antique Fira

The hilltop location of Antique Fira offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape. Fragments of 8th-9th century BC masonry have been preserved here. In ancient Fira, the ruins of residential buildings and temples, an ancient theatre and market square can be visited, while the Museum of Prehistoric Fira, with exhibitions complementing the views of the ancient settlement, is worth a visit in the centre of the modern town.

Archaeological reserve of Akrotiri

The archaeological reserve of Akrotiri is located 2 km from the town of the same name. Scientists named this location the “Minoan Pompeii” as soon as excavations got under way in 1967. In the process, archaeologists discovered a large ancient city in the area, with houses several storeys high.

George Emmanuel Argyros Mansion

The George Emmanuel Argyros Mansion is an important architectural monument of Santorini and is a true work of art of the neoclassical era. Constructed by George Aguiros in the mid-19th century the 1956 earthquake caused significant damage to the house, but the villa has now been almost completely restored. The interior of the mansion is of particular value, with antique Western European furniture, decorations and icons.

Interesting places

Ancient Iya

Ancient Iya is a picturesque town with a fabulous view of the bay. Traffic is completely prohibited in the area. There are small souvenir shops with handicrafts or art exhibitions in the main street, but it’s the spectacular sunset that draws most tourists.

Old harbour

From a distance the old harbour looks totally unsuited to the marina. However, it does a very good job and serves the purpose of sending tourists to the nearby islets of Nea Kameni and Tirasia. The careful Greeks have put in a funicular railway that takes you to the magnificent seascapes and the white openwork city of Thera.

Balcony of Santorini

The moniker “The Balcony of Santorini” refers to a remarkable rock that not only survived the earthquake but is also the most picturesque spot on the island. Many lovers choose it for their wedding ceremony, which looks particularly stunning against the backdrop of the setting sun. The rock is located in the picturesque village of Imerovigli and is one of the highest points on the island.

The island of Santorini is wildly popular. The best way to come here to admire sunsets or sample cuisine from Greece’s finest gastronomes is by air. The second option is chosen by other thousands of people annually. This means Santorini Airport is always busy – it receives up to 40 daily flights from across Europe during the busiest times. Buses from Santorini Airport don’t run very often. They are not very capacious either. Therefore, for the sake of expediency, it is worthwhile to take a Santorini Airport Taxi.

Greece Airport Transfer is always here to ensure a stress-free and unforgettable trip to Santorini! Although Santorini is a relatively small island, it is full of attractions that are scattered throughout its territory, which is challenging to visit in one trip.

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