Famous Edinburgh Landmarks – List Of Places to Not Miss When in Scotland

Scotland is one of the many very beautiful destinations in the world. Its foggy mountains, cool climatic conditions, and many factors make it the busiest tourist destination.

Edinburg, the capital of Scotland, is also listed as the place that expects maximum flow of visitors from around the globe.

Only by Land is a travel blog that explains everything marvellous in Scotland. This blog page lets you check everything about Scotland, including the beautiful Edinburgh landmarks.

This blog page educates you about what to do and things not to miss when in Edinburgh.

What Not to Miss 

You cannot miss visiting many places and covering some wonderful things in Edinburgh.

They are listed below. 

·       Edinburgh Castle 

Edinburgh Castle is a famous landmark in Scotland. This castle is marvellous and can be viewed from many parts of Edinburgh. The castle is built above a dormant volcanic rock and is considered one of the most besieged fortresses in Scotland.

·       Duddingston Loch 

Located in Holyrood Park, Duddingston Loch was built in the 1700s. The explorers have discovered many things in this place, including some precious artefacts belonging to the Bronze Age.

·       Calton Hill 

Also known as the Athens of the North, Calton Hill is the Acropolis of Edinburgh. The hill is the most chosen place for the beautiful view of Edinburgh and to click some beautiful pictures.

·       Parliament Building in Scotland 

As the name says, this political house is located at the end of Royal Mile. The building is built with oak, steel, and granite materials and is considered one of the attractions in Edinburgh.

·       Royal Botanic Garden 

Nature lovers who visit Scotland cannot miss checking out the botanic gardens in Edinburgh. This garden consists of many plant species and is free to enter. The whole garden is covered in 70 acres of land and has many species of plants for the interested botanists.

·       National Monument of Scotland 

Built in the 1820s, this monument was built in honour of all the war victims. The Napoleonic War took place in 1815, and hundreds of soldiers lost their lives in this war. This monument was built in honour of these fallen brave souls.

·       Salisbury Crags and Arthur’s Seat 

Arthur’s Seat is one of the romantic destinations in Scotland that offers the best view of sunrise and sunset. Hence, hundreds of local people and visitors prefer walking to this monument to enjoy the scenic view of nature’s beauty.

·       Zoo of Edinburgh 

The zoo in Edinburgh is one of the many famous landmarks in Edinburgh. It was first established in the 1900s and covered over 85 acres. This zoo has many animal species and is a wonderland for families to have the best day.

·       Forth Bridges 

The three Fourth bridge in Edinburgh is another site for the viewing eyes. It is the best place to enjoy viewing the crossing of ferries and train crossings.

Many such beautiful places are located in Edinburgh. So, when in the capital of Scotland, do not forget to cover them all.

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