A trip to a hill – Things to keep in mind

Going on a trip to a new place is always exciting. Some people prefer to go to beaches and some may prefer hilly areas. Traveling to hilly areas is a bit more challenging due to their geographic orientation, as it consists of high altitudes which are needed to climb up, and extreme weather conditions are one of the features of hilly areas. As hilly areas are considered to be a little more obsolete than other areas, you might find it hard to get some of the essential things. Thus, before traveling to a hill station you should be properly equipped so that you don’t face any kind of obstacles that may hamper your vacation to a hill. You can read more about the things to keep in mind while traveling in Blinkco trending news stories.

  • Never go unplanned to a hill station

Plan out every detail of your trip, including where to stay, what to do, what to pack, and the locations you must not miss. Don’t forget to miss out on any of your favorite activities out of haste.

  • Weather is a big factor

Even in the summer, visiting hill locations, you should expect low temperatures. To avoid the cold, make sure to pack some warm clothing and always make sure that you bring extra blankets while traveling with kids. Try to learn to pack like an expert to maximize the space of your luggage.

  • A first aid box is a must

You never know when you might need them or whether you would be able to find them in an emergency, so always carry a first aid kit with some common medications for fevers, colds, headaches, nausea, etc. 

  • Carry a comfortable pair of shoes

Mountain climbing, trekking, and other adventurous activities are very common for a trip to a hill station. Make sure you always have a pair of shoes that are comfortable and won’t cause aching feet or blisters. It is advised to have snow boots that can prevent slipping if you are traveling to a hilly area with snow.

  • Carry cash

In the era of a cashless economy, there are still areas, especially hilly areas, where the internet is not accessible and hence cards or UPI cannot work. So, carrying an adequate amount of liquid money is always preferable.


To sum up, before going on a trip to the hill, you should always keep in mind the above-mentioned things to make your hill vacation enjoyable and memorable. 

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