Permanent Resident Canada

What Are The Main Categories of Permanent Resident Canada

Are you interested in becoming a permanent resident of Canada? Becoming a permanent resident of Canada is an exciting and life-changing prospect, but the process is not without its complexities. So, if you are considering making a permanent move to Canada, read on to learn more about the main categories of permanent residency.

  1. Economic class: The Economic Class of permanent residency in Canada is designed for individuals who are willing to make a significant economic contribution to Canada. The Economic Class Permanent Resident Canada is divided into three categories, each of these categories is designed to target different skills and abilities and allow Canada to meet its objectives.
    1. The Federal Skilled Worker Class is for immigrants who have significant work experience and/or obtain high scores on the Canadian Immigration Point System. This class is also for those who have a job offer from a Canadian employer.
    2. The Canadian Experience Class is for immigrants who have already obtained work experience in Canada. This class is for those who have already successfully entered the Canadian labor market.
    3. The Business Immigration Class is for immigrants who have the ability to invest in Canadian businesses and create jobs for Canadians. These immigrants must have a successful business track record and demonstrate that they have the necessary business acumen to successfully invest in the Canadian economy.
  1. Family class:

The Family Class is a way for Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor a family member to come and live in Canada. Family members that can be sponsored include spouses, common-law and conjugal partners, dependent children, parents, and grandparents, as well as other relatives such as brothers, sisters and adopted children. The Family Class category offers Canadian citizenship and receives social benefits, such as health care, from the government. If you are looking for the Family Class Canada PR then MovesEdu Immigration are the best Canada PR Consultants which can help you to get Canada Permanent Resident.

  1. Refugee category:

The Refugee Category is for people who have been persecuted in their home countries due to their race, religion, political opinion, nationality, or membership in a particular social group. To be eligible to apply under this category, a person must have a well-founded fear of persecution in their home country and must not be able to seek help from their home country’s government.                                

  1. Humanitarian and compassionate grounds:

The humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds (H&C) category is designed to help individuals to settle in Canada due to special and difficult circumstances. In order to qualify under H&C, the applicant must demonstrate that they would suffer extreme hardship if they were required to leave Canada. In assessing H&C applications, Immigration Canada will look at factors such as family ties to Canada, establishment in Canada, humanitarian and compassionate considerations, age, health, and more. The applicant must demonstrate that the hardship they will experience if they are required to leave Canada outweighs the hardship that their admission to Canada might cause to Canadian society.

  1. Provincial nominee program:

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is a program that allows Canadian provinces and territories to nominate immigrants who wish to settle in that particular province or territory. By nominating immigrants who have the right skills and qualifications, the PNP helps each province to meet its particular economic and labor requirements.

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