Things to do on Cuba-Caribbean Island

Cuba is commonly known as the Caribbean’s largest island. Furthermore, its beauty, culture and eye-catching view make it more vintage. The most valuable thing in Cuba is its live music, and music is part of its culture. Many people take Cuba music tours to enjoy the real rhythm and crispness of music. 

The streets of Cuba provide a more aesthetic view. It is always full of people, vintage cars, and walls are painted classically. Moreover, this place is filled with natural beauty. There are five thousand kilometres of coastline in this area.  

There are many more exciting things to do on this island. Here I am going to tell you about the things that you should do on the Cuba trip. So let’s dive into them. 

Must visit Havana (Habana Viejo) 

To see the culture and heritage of Cuba, you must visit Havana. It is a famous heritage site. By visiting this place, you will get an idea of what the people of Cuba did two hundred years ago. Furthermore, you can also get information about what they wore and which type of houses they preferred to live in the past. 

With the innovation, little alternation is seen in this place. The major attractions for the tourists at this area are Bodeguita del medio, Castillo de la Real Fuerza and Plaza de la Catedral. 

Swimming at Cayo coco

Never ever forget that you visited Cuba and missed Cayo Coco beach. It is a very peaceful and most isolated coastline in the world. If you are seeking internal peace and a purely natural environment, you must visit this place once in your life. 

Do not forget to take your swimming suit with you as you can definitely want to dive into the pure and clean water. 

Explore the beauty of Parque Nacional Vinales valley

The valley is located in Sierra de Los Organos at the north of Pinar. It is well known for its high and steep mountains of limestones. Its landscape is very steep and sharp. Here you can also enjoy hiking. 

Moreover, a lot of fruits and vegetables grow on the floor of the valley. For further amusement, you can also enjoy horse riding. 

Centre of nature’s beauty- EL Nicho waterfalls

This part of heaven is ninety minutes away from Trinidad or Cienfuego. When you see this waterfall live, you will forget for a second where you are. The waterfall flows into many deepest woods. It is not wrong to say it is a rescue on a hot summer day. 

This place is crowded with people in the summers. In case you have a plan to visit here, make sure you will go to springs. Ultimately you can enjoy yourself here fully. 

Final words 

Most people want to ask, is Cuba safe to visit? Here is the answer for all. Cuba island is the safest place for tourists in the world. What are you waiting for? Grab your passport and book your ticket to Cuba. 

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