Things That You Should Know About Kodaikanal Before Visiting-


If you want a refreshing environment with a short trip where you can rejuvenate yourself and also enjoy the hustle and bustle of the day, then you should visit none other than Kodaikanal. You will find wonderful vacation opportunities in Kodiakanal, and it is suitable for everyone. You can enjoy all sorts of vacations in Kodaikanal, be it your family adventure trip, or honeymoon, or some tour that is religious. It offers something for everyone. One of the things that you will be amazed to know is that it is often referred to as the “Hill Station Princess”. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations. Kodikanal is located in the hill range of Palani and comes under the administration of Dindigul district in TN.

Things to Do in Kodaikanal-

Besides all of that, the TN town has mesmerising surroundings and activities that are thrilling and exciting. You can also go for Kodaikanal Glamping. Kodiakanal is also known for its forest gifts and offers its tourists a full holiday package with different types of activities to do while they are on vacation. You can do trekking, then visit the temples, then museums and caves. You can also visit the beautiful falls, lakes and parks. When you are holidaying at this destination, you will have a plethora of options to stay engaged. It has a natural setting, which is mind-blowing, and a peaceful environment. In the town of Palani Hills, you will find many other good places for sightseeing. Some of the places have been designed by American missionaries.

Quick Facts about Kodaikanal-

Let’s have a look at some quick facts about Kodaikanal – the Kodaikanal altitude is 2,133 mts. The area of Kodaikanal is 2,068 It is in the state of Tamil Nadu. Some of the distances to the nearby cities from Kodaikanal are Madurai, 120km, Bangalore, 500km, Chennai, 520km, and Coimbatore, 170km. Cheeses such as gruyere, cheddar, and processed cheese are available in Kodaikanal. There are also many good cottage shops for crafts and art galleries where you can get unique art works and other items, as well as homemade chocolates, art objects, and local embroidery work. The weather in Kodaikanal is somewhat like this: during the summer season the temperatures are 11 °C to 20 °C, and then in the winter the temperatures are 8 °C to 17 °C.

Best Time to Visit-

You may also want to know when is the best time to visit Kodaikanal, so you can visit Kodaikanal any time. During the months of April to May, there are many tourists here. The weather is also very pleasant during those months, but it is a bit crowded. You can catch some good horticulture shows during the month of May at Byrant Park. There will be fewer tourists during the months of September to October, which has excellent weather too. During November, there is a lot of rain there and during January, the weather is chilly. You can reach the hill station very easily as there are all methods of commute, from air, to railways, to roads. You should choose your budget and convenience. You can even use a car to travel to the hill station, and you will enjoy the scenic beauty also.

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