Eau Lounge Rotterdam – Everything You Need To Know

Rotterdam has become a top tourist destination in Europe, especially for those who want to enjoy the real vibe of the Netherlands. That’s because this city has something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are someone who likes to watch the water flow by in a river, join cruises, or get mesmerized by cultural and historical art, there is always something for everyone.

However, when it comes down to visiting new cities, many tourists feel betrayed when they don’t get the stunning venues they were promised (you know, Europe and its destination wedding stories!). So, if you are coming to Rotterdam anytime soon and want to plan an event, we are reviewing Eau Lounge!

The Brief

Eau Lounge Rotterdam is located on the Maas River, which is one of the most fantastic places to enjoy your food while throwing the best parties. This is because it is a luxurious open terrace that’s literally floating on the river. It has a view of Williamsburg on one side while the other shows you the magnificence of the Erasmus Bridge. It has become the ultimate location for BBQs, weddings, baby showers, company parties, and birthday parties.

The best thing about Eau Lounge is that they have an option to cover the terrace, so your events won’t be ruined by rain. In addition to this, they have exceptional heaters available to keep your guests warm during the winter season. On top of everything, they have a 24-hour permit, which means you can plan your event anytime you want without any time constraints.


Since this is an event location, you must be wondering what to do about the food. Eau Lounge offers snacks, drinks, a walking dinner, and a BBQ option. However, you might not get the one-plate meals like in restaurants but the food is perfect for the events.


The venue can be rented and the rent is 350 euros for six hours and this rent is exclusive of the VAT. However, if you want to rent the venue for a longer time, you will have to pay extra 50 euros for one hour. Keep in mind that the prices vary every month, so make sure you give them a call to inquire about the prices.


Eau Lounge has become the perfect destination for weddings, company parties, bridal showers, birthday parties, and more. The venue administration can handle every event, irrespective of the event scale. For instance, you can get snacks, drinks, walking dinner, and not to forget, you can also plan a buffet. In addition, a DJ booth is available, so you can plan an entertaining event and party!

We have already mentioned that you can plan the BBQ parties at Eau Lounge, and you can ask the chefs to prepare the fish and meat for you and they have specialized grills as well. In addition to fish and meat, the side dishes, sauces, and salads are prepared by the chefs to complement your meals!

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