Norfolk Island- Eco friendly holiday destination

Eco-friendly travel is a form of tourism that reduces environmental risk and prioritises the local ecosystem. This new trend in tourism is being taken on by many different holiday destinations and Norfolk Island is no exception. Norfolk Island is doing a great deal to cut down on their environmental footstep and are keen to create sustainable travel experiences for the tourists that grace their shores every year.

Norfolk Island is rebranding themselves as an eco-friendly holiday destination by reducing single use plastics, bettering their waste systems, and educating others. Different Norfolk Island accommodations are doing things to be more environmentally friendly as well, which is important as they are in charge of travellers’ experiences. There are also many things the traveller can do individually to ensure that they are not contributing to an unsustainable travel experience.

Norfolk Island Is Reducing Single Use Plastics

Norfolk Island has been doing a great deal to try and reduce the use of single use plastics across the island.

Single-use plastic bags are commonly used in grocery stores and as bin liners, but Norfolk Island have banned these since 2017. This move was just the beginning of the island’s move away from unsustainable practices. Due to the widespread use of this action, this was an achievable first step for the Norfolk community.

There is also an organisation on the island called the Boomerang Bags in which locals create reusable bags out of recycled fabric. They are a good option for tourists as they are available at many shops, and once your trip is done, you can drop them off at a local collection site.

Use of plastic water bottles are also highly discouraged as they are equally as bad for the environment. The visitors centre refuse to sell them, but rather sell reusable water bottles for a small amount. The first refill of cold filtered water is free, but only $1.00 in the future.

It is also highly encouraged to use reusable coffee cups. A few of the cafes on the island provide customers with reusable coffee cups at a small cost. Alternatively, travellers can bring their own cups, either a reusable cup from home, or a mug from your accommodation will do. Some establishments will give you a discount on your coffee to encourage this behaviour.

Norfolk Island Is Educating On Environmental Sustainability

The biggest aid in the future of environmental sustainability is encouraging education on the matter. Education informs people about why it is useful for them to engage in eco-friendly practices, and empowers people to take responsibility for their own actions.

Norfolk Island Central School has developed an environmental group called Enviro-NICS, whose main purpose is to improve environmental practices amongst peers. This initiative shows that there is a passion and a thirst for knowledge amongst Norfolk locals. To respect this, travellers to the area should research as much as possible before arriving.

Norfolk Island Is Reducing and Recycling Waste

A big hindering factor in reducing and recycling waste is the lack of accessible waste options – especially if you are travelling and have little control or knowledge. As such, many accommodations are working hard to make sure their accommodation offers comprehensive waste options.

This includes things like recycling, plastics, and composting. This means travellers can feel confident that they are doing the best they can to reduce their environmental footprint.

Governors Lodge: Eco Friendly Accomodation

Governors Lodge Norfolk Island is a great example of an eco friendly accommodation option. The accommodation uses low-wattage lights, bio sustainable laundry, and green and grey water systems to ensure the lowest possible environmental impact on Norfolk Island.

How You Can Be An Eco Friendly Traveller On Norfolk Island

There are many ways that you as a traveller can reduce your carbon footprint and be an eco-friendly traveller on Norfolk Island. Packing lightly is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint on your plane flight. As well as that, you are encouraged to not litter and avoid single use plastics as much as possible.

Another great way to reduce your environmental impact is to eat local produce from the island. This ensures less processing and less importing is needed.

Norfolk Island: An Eco-Friendly Travel Destination

Norfolk Island is a great example of an eco-friendly tourist destination. The island priorities the health and wellbeing of its natural environment and asks that travellers do the same.

If you are looking forward to a holiday where you can trust you are not harming the local environment, then go to Norfolk Island.

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