How To Stay Safe When Travelling

Whether you’re travelling for work, or on a summer holiday, safety is paramount. In this post, we will give you some tips and tricks to ensure not only are your belongings safe on holiday, but also your home whilst you’re away.

Travelling and securing your home

You may worry about keeping your house safe while you travel. Make sure you have some guidelines in place before you go away and while you are away to feel more secure.

Make sure that your home is secure with the help of a locksmith

When you’re travelling, a locksmith can help ensure the safety of your space. Even the best-laid plans can go awry. Don’t put your family’s safety at risk. You can find solutions that will work not only while travelling, but all year round with the help of a locksmith. Our Sunderland Locksmiths are trained in home security and a variety of other common locksmith services.

Turn on programmable lights or leave lights on

If your home looks abandoned, it can become a target. Lighting strategically inside or outside your home can create the illusion of movement. Alternatively, you can install programmable lights that will automatically turn on at certain times of the day, at sunset, or predetermined intervals.

Consider installing cameras

You may want to consider installing cameras at points around your home’s exterior if you haven’t already. With a well-placed camera, you can capture the expanse of your home and check the footage regularly. The presence of visible cameras can help make your home less of a target for criminals and give you peace of mind when you are away.

Get A Friend To Check In For You

The best thing you can do while you’re away from home is have someone watch over it. While you’re away, ask a friend, relative, or neighbour to keep an eye on your house. Spending some time inside each day will ensure that nothing is amiss, whether it’s picking up mail or packages, caring for pets, or simply checking that nothing is wrong.

Security Tips While Travelling

It’s difficult to imagine anything more frustrating than losing your luggage – except for having your belongings stolen. Whatever type of luggage you carry, there are options to keep it safe and secure.

Consider other methods of packing valuables

You can get creative with how you store valuables or sentimental items in your luggage if you need to stow them away. It may be possible to protect your most valuable belongings if your luggage is tampered with, stolen, or lost. Attempt to hide valuables in unlikely places, such as makeup bags, emptied toiletries, hollowed-out books, or other less-than-obvious places.

Make use of a tracker

It’s a good idea to track your luggage when it’s gone, just like you track your smartphones. When you install a tracking device on your luggage, you will always know where it is – ideal for situations when you will be separated from your bags. Trackers are often connected to smartphone apps or websites that can be used to keep track of the device. In the event your luggage goes missing, you’ll have an easier time locating it.

Make sure you have travel insurance

A trusted way to ensure your valuables are protected while travelling is to purchase travel insurance. Travellers can purchase short-term policies on themselves and their goods in case of emergency – something airlines rarely offer. There may be a deductible to pay, and coverage amounts can vary. Consider a variety of policies to determine what might be right for you.

Closely Store Personal Items

Keeping your belongings on you is the best way to protect them. When flying, you should keep cash, sentimental items, and other personal valuables in your carry-on. Always keep them close at hand and out of sight.

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