How does inflatable sup help in your sup adventure? 

The advantages of having an inflatable standup paddleboard over a solid board are:

Inflatable sup has the right price. 

Inflatable standup paddleboard charges the right price. As they are affordable, this inflatable sup is accessible to many people. 

Inflatable paddleboards are travel friendly.

The biggest advantage of having an inflatable standup paddleboard over a solid board is quite travel-friendly. It has all the capabilities to satisfy the needs of adventure seekers. Inflatable sup can also be deflated for easy transportation. It is one of the biggest advantages of inflatable sup over rigid boards. It takes a few minutes to inflate or deflate the inflatable board. 

Inflatable standup paddleboards can survive water hazards 

One of the most popular water sports is known to be standup paddleboarding. It offers you the flexibility to enjoy the water sport in several locations and travel around with your board. The inflatable sup is designed so that it can take all minor dings and bumps. The Honu paddleboards have construction so that they can take all the hazards. There are chances of accidental bumps or water debris, and an inflatable stand-up paddleboard gives you the best warranties in the sup industry as it is built with a high-density internal core. 

Inflatable sup feels gentle on the body. 

The solid board gets largely damaged due to the water hazards, especially during group paddling. Sup is great for social meetups, family bonding, and work outings. But group paddling can lead to more chances of minor collision with other paddleboarders. There’s a high chance of causing injury if the paddlers happen to use a solid board. If you are interested in paddleboarding with your family and mates, then with inflatable sup, you can protect both the board and yourself from falls and bumps. 

Inflatable sup is known for its stability. 

When it’s about paddleboarding, you should have a little room for mistakes. Fortunately, inflatable sup boards give you the desired room that you need. The paddleboards are durable and survive the rough rivers and oceans. The stability is the reason which makes the inflatable paddle board fit for yoga, fitness activities, and paddling for beginners. It’s also a good choice for touring in remote areas. The inflatable boards are designed to survive abuses like sticks, rocks, and several exposures. As their construction is soft, they can also bounce off different objects when being knocked against the board. All these reasons make the standup paddleboard an excellent item for sup adventures and for practicing by the beginners

Hiking is friendly and inexpensive

An inflatable paddleboard is beyond just a board for all your water adventures. If you want to save costs for enjoying your adventure, it’s a great equipment to invest in. Repairing an iSUP or repairing one is also budget-friendly compared to a rigid paddleboard. The essential feature that makes your sup adventure more exciting is that the sup boards are hiking friendly. At Honu, you add more flexibility to sup wherever you go.

If you’re using a rigid board, then it’s time to plan to step into 2022 with a durable, new, travel-friendly, and safe inflatable sup. You can get a great collection of different varieties of inflatable sup from this site:


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