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Discover the ocean adventures- A Marine Thrilling experience

Ocean Adventure is considered a captivating theme marine park. It is located in the heart of Subic Bay Freeport zone, Philippines. It is a sprawling attraction for visitors that bring them together with entertainment and nature. It provides a memorable experience to people, with a wide range of thrilling activities and marine life. This is the reason why the ocean adventure Tour in Punta Cana brings the best experience for locals and visitors.

Where is the ocean adventure located?

Ocean Adventure is situated within the subic bay Freeport zone. It is a place with natural beauty and rich history. Subic Way was considered a bustling American naval base once a time, but after the 1992 closure, it was transformed into a Freeport zone that inspired tourism and economic development. This area encompasses pristine beaches, lush forests, and deep blue waters and gives the perfect backdrop for themed attractions to visitors

ocean adventures  Marine biodiversity

The major reason why ocean adventure is considered an extraordinary location for visitors to visit is education and marine conservation. Its park house has an array of marine species, many of which are considered native to the Philippines and the nearest areas. From agile sea lions to playful dolphins to sea turtles, the collection of marine life by the park provides you insights into the ocean wonders.

This is why ocean adventure is proud of itself because of efforts to rehabilitate and rescue marine species. The dedicated team at the parks, including veterinarians and marine biologists, work well to give a safe haven to people for distressed and injured animals, with the goal of releasing them back into their natural habitat.

Dolphin Cove and stunning oceanarium

One of the best attractions of ocean adventure to visit is their stunning oceanarium. With the viewing acrylic panel, visitors marvel at the underwater world. Coral formations, the world of colourful fish, and amazing sea creatures all bring an immersive and surreal experience. Dolphin Cave is adjacent to the oceanarium, where the people witness the dolphin’s agility and breathtaking intelligence during the shows. Such performances not only entertain you but also protect the marine environment together.

Eco-adventure experience offers by ocean adventure

Ocean Adventure takes tourists beyond only Catamaran in Punta Cana. This park provides an eco-adventure experience to visitors and gives them educational and thrilling activities. Visitors are engaged here in canopy walks, jungle treks and bird-watching tours to explore the forest beauty there. Moreover, the eco-friendly Ocean Adventure plays a vital role for tourists and shows the importance of conserving the environment for our future.

Location benefits for visitors

The prominent location of ocean adventures makes it easy for visitors to reach it. It is located in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, which is the park that benefits from the developed transportation infrastructure. It is a two-hour drive from metro Manila which makes it a convenient day trip for city dwellers who want to escape to the coast. Additionally, the location of subic bay international Airport permits international visitors to reach to park easily.


The location of ocean adventures in subic bay Freeport Zone gives the best setting for people to experience the thrilling marine-themed activities in the park.

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