Beautiful Places to Check Outside the Paris City

A daily hectic schedule can make a person feel suffocated, even though they are in the most beautiful city. The best way to escape from this regular stress is by taking a break, getting out of town, and enjoying some time by indulging in activities like hiking.

Paris is a beautiful city, and yet people need a break from all the glory that this place has to offer once in a while.

When you have a list of all the best things to do in Paris, you can enjoy your visit. The Osabus, one of the best minibus rental Paris services, can be your helping aid here.

They have a list of places outside the city that are amidst nature. Visiting these places is sure to make your trip a memorable one. Check their services to know more.

Places Outside Paris

Here are some places that are the best choices if you are willing for a getaway from the town.

· Parc Naturel Regional Oise-Pays de France

Located 20 minutes away from the airport, Oise-Pays de France is a regional park with the best hiking trails for you.

The long-stretched hiking trail can go up to 9 km and is the best choice if you are willing to escape from everything that is stressing you out.

· The Little Venice

Located 10 stops away from the metro station line 8, the hiking trail is the right way to enjoy the rural setting and urban environment in Paris.

While at it, you will come across many beautiful views that can make your jaw drop with awe.

· Ermenonville

Ermenonville is an hour’s drive after you leave Paris. It is best known as home to Parc Jean-Jacques Rousseau. You can have a pleasant picnic day while strolling in the area, when in this little town.

· Normandy in the Yvelines

Located at the confluence of the Oise and Seine rivers, Normandy in the Yvelines has been the inland water shipping capital for two centuries. This beautiful little town is easily accessible by train and has the best cycling trails for you.

· Parc Naturel de la haute Vallee de Chevreuse

When in the woods, there won’t be a constant thought, especially when you are on a hike. Parc Naturel de la Haute Vallee de Chevreuse is a park that is more known as the part of the woods with the best hiking trails.

· Artsy promenade in Barbizon

Located 60 km away from the perimeter of Paris, Barbizon is a historical place with wonderful significance. Many artists have found their muse in this town in the form of beautiful localities and villages.

· Fontainebleau

While speaking about the French hiking trails, you cannot forget the hiking trails in Fontainebleau.

It is a rocky forest with rugged earth and is very big. Hence, experts suggest taking a map with you whenever you are here.

· Domaine National de Saint-Cloud

Domaine National de Saint-Cloud is a forest area with beautiful hiking trails. It is located close to beautiful cities famous for their festivities.

Whenever you are in Paris, you can check out many things like museums, architecture, restaurants, beautiful cities, clubs, etc.

However, after you are done with everything in the city, broaden your horizon and visit places located outside Paris. You can be rest assured that your discovery will never go waste.

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