A Step-by-Step Guide to Booking Your Taxi from Noi Bai Airport

Noi Bai Airport has 2 gates. Terminal 1 handles domestic flights, Terminal 2 international. You can find a car service by knowing your arrival terminal. Domestic travellers use Terminal 1 and foreign tourists use Terminal 2. Both airport terminals have ATMs, cash exchange, and duty-free businesses.

Immigration or Baggage Claim

After disembarking, passengers go to immigration and luggage claim. Customs at Noi Bai Airport is fast and well-staffed. Transferring from the plane to the airport is easy with well-marked baggage claim booths.  Post-customs taxi stands are available. Use official cab services to avoid frauds and unauthorised drivers. Meter-equipped automobiles in Hanoi charge set prices.

Choose a Cab Service

Noi Bai Airport has many reliable taxi companies. Famous services include taxi Noi Bai. These businesses have official cab stands outside both terminals. Use these legal services to avoid unlicensed or dishonest drivers.

Prepaid Taxi Counters

If you’d prefer take a paid-for car, go to the terminal counters. At these booths, you can buy fixed-rate tickets to major Hanoi spots. Pay at the counter and obtain a coupon for your driver. This option is useful if you’d rather pay in advance than with cash.

Get an App-Based Ride

Try Grab or GoViet, another popular option. These apps are popular in Vietnam and affordable. Before you go, get mobile internet or a local SIM card to use the app. Type your destination and confirm your reservation. The app provides driver and car information.

Destination Selection

Tell the taxi driver your destination before you step inside. If he doesn’t speak English, write your location in Vietnamese. Save your hotel’s name or address on your phone to show the driver. This will guide you and prevent you from getting lost.

Determine Fare

Ask the driver the fare before you leave. This aids future clarity. You should ask how much a Hanoi cab will cost to your location, even if most have metres. Ask about tolls, especially if you’re travelling during peak hour.

Payment Methods

Most Hanoi taxis accept VND. Taxis can be paid with credit cards, however this is less popular. Have extra cash for the trip because some drivers don’t have change for larger payments. If you pre-paid at the airport counter, show the driver your coupon when you arrive.

Journey to Your Destination

Have fun on your way to your objective. Noi Bai Airport to the city centre can take 30–60 minutes, depending on traffic. Early morning and late afternoon traffic may be severe, so plan ahead.

Reach Your Destination

Pay the driver the agreed-upon fare and any tolls when you arrive. Simply show the driver your airport-paid ticket. Consider tipping your car if your experience was nice. People don’t expect tips, but they appreciate them when service is good.

Give Criticism and Guidance

If your trip was problematic, notify the cab company’s customer care. Most reliable Hanoi car companies have customer care hotlines where you can report issues or praise the service. Your feedback improves the service for future travellers.


A simple cab ride from the Noi Bai Airport to the heart of Hanoi will spice up your Vietnam holiday. Check out this step-by-step guide at the airport, and get to your destination safely. There are regular taxis, prepaid cabs, and ride-hailing apps, all reliable and convenient. Enjoy your time in Hanoi and have a smooth airport ride!

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